ECO HOTEL ECO HOTEL BACK BUILDING large palm tree / arch ways 169783537 sunny dsys back /first floor 169783610 ktichen /sala front building 8rooms/9baths 169784042 VIEW / CITY LIGHTS 100 foot long balcony 169784083 ECO HOTEL JUST A PERFECT DAY 169784234 STREET ENTRANCE LARGE FRONTAGE 169784099 LOWER LOT NICE FLAT AREA/ FOR POOL / 169784236 BACK TO STREET VIEW large grounds 169784336 MORE VIEWS FARM NEXT STORE /OURS 169784355 ECO HOTEL SKY SHOT 169785195 FRONT GARDEN LOTS OF PALM AND FRUIT TREES 169785196 FRONT BUILDING GREAT PARKING / 20 CARS 174902119 MORE FRONT 174902120 SIDE PHOTO 174902121 FROM THE PARKING PHOTO 174923901 LOT/ PLAN COSTA RICAN PLOT PLAN /CLEAR TITLE 195138444